Getting Ready for Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade

11 Jul

There are a lot of things that the schools tell you about to prepare you for Kindergarten.  One of the things I found that they don’t tell you, is that you will receiving an unbelievable amount of paper.  Not just your child’s drawings, but also flyers, and school information.  My daughter at 5 years old was bringing home a backpack full of paper each week.

Now, her drawings and paintings are precious.  We had started an “art gallery” for her pre-school work, which progressed to holding her works created in Kindergarten.  Many of our friends from pre-school had similar walls of art in their houses, too.  But not even the Smithsonian could handle the numbers of projects she was bringing home.  We couldn’t see our kitchen table for a month after school started.

I found two solutions which worked for me. Not all of her artwork was on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  That would’ve fit nicely into folders…I needed something oversized to handle her larger artwork.  I ended up taking a piece of tri-fold poster-board, and a couple of thumb fasteners.  I put her large artworks in the back, and the smaller pieces in front, and then put the thumb fasteners on opposite sides of the tri-fold.  A small piece of string held everything together securely.

After that one was filled up, I started looking for something already put together.  Something with sides, so that the smallest pieces wouldn’t fall out.  I looked up artist portfolios on Amazon.  There I found a handled portfolio that was also made of recycled materials.  It was big enough for her largest pieces, and also would expand up to 2″ to handle the amount of art she was producing.

I just picked an extra one up for First Grade, which is right around the corner now.


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