So, there’s not much traffic here, nor content…

1 Nov

I started this blog about the time that my wife passed away.  My intention was to use it as a mechanism for expressing what I’ve been going through, in the chance that I might help someone else in the same situation.  Unfortunately, much of what I’ve gone through I found to be to private to share, at least for now.  I’m going to start putting some posts on here when I feel good about posting them in a public forum.

I have been sharing, though.  My daughter and I were put in touch with a wonderful group called Fernside.  They’ve been a tremendous help to both of us.  The meetings usually split the adults and children into two different groups, and group similar aged kids together.  I’ve met some wonderful people that way, and shared much within the group.  As always, everything said there is strictly confidential, so I consider it a safe place to express what I’m going through.

If you, or a loved one, find yourself in a similar situation, I would definitely recommend contacting them.  Their website is quite simply:


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