17 Nov

Getting ready to leave for Disney for tomorrow.  We’re going for Six nights and Five Days.  I think it will be really fun, but I’m worried that I’ve forgotten something.  I’ll make my list tonight, and make sure I haven’t.  I did find my cords and rechargeable batteries, so I’ll be set for my iPhone and camera.  That’s what is really important to me.  Secondarily is the Nook, Nexus 7, Ipod touch and Nintendo DSI.

We’re staying at the All Star Music Resort, a “value added” hotel of Disney’s.  It’s only $800 for the week, so I thought I got a good deal.  I don’t think we can really go wrong, there, but we’ll see.  It’s a family hotel, and a HUGE one, so I hope we can rest.

Dining has vexed me for a few weeks.  I’ve done great at losing weight at home, and now we’ve got this trip ahead of us.  I’ll try not to gain everything back, but it will be tough for the week.  Drink plenty of fluids and keep walking!

Maybe next time we’ll stay at the Cornado Springs resort, or one of the resorts that’s one level up from value added.  And maybe not for a full week, but maybe just a long weekend trip.  We’ll see!


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