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day two to tired to post

17 Aug

Won “another” chaotic auction, this time got a deck of cards and two xl t-shirts. Reska finally has some swag this year! The tshirts yesterday were all mediums.


saturday dinner

17 Aug

Penn station for james, and steak and shake for jared. So far five bachlorette parties spotted… I wonder why they all come to downtown indy?

lunch on saturday

16 Aug

Chairs are Wonderful…very tired of standing. Played some d&d minis and then went to lunch at weber grill. Lunch is definitely the better choice, burger, fries and a salad set me back about $25 with tip.

large crowd at exhibit hall

16 Aug

The mass of unwashed gamers is staggering…thank god for anti-anxiety drugs!

turbine party at jillians!

16 Aug

Woohoo! I got a lotro shirt, and they were also giving away ddo shirts, but I never got into that much.

Comp drinks and a full bellu…*happy*

visited wizards of the coast booth…

15 Aug

Or what’s left of it. It’s one of the smallest booth’s of all the game developers booths. Strange.

played a little AC!

15 Aug

Old school asheron’s call at turbine’s booth! Excellent!